ECHO is a volunteer, non-profit research group that specializes in scientific research of unknown spiritual activity or dangerous nonhuman entity infestations.

    We also clear areas using spirit discernment practitioners and technical support experts.

    We understand what you're going through. We have experienced emotional, psychological and physical spiritual activity in our personal lives, too. Usually it escalates over time.

    You should not assume you know for sure what is living with you no matter what you see, feel or have come to a comfortable conclusion about. Things may not be what they seem and paranormal activity usually escalates over time. 

    We respond quickly to inquiries and client confidentiality is assured.

Contact us if:

  • You want to know what is in your home 
  • You suddenly begin to experience unexplained paranormal  events             
  • Pets or animals are reacting to unseen things
  • Your children are being affected.
  • You are being exposed to negative phenomena.
  • You want your home or property to be cleared of spiritual activity
  • You have had other people try to help but they can't identify the cause or provide a resolution to a spiritual problem