What are you dealing with?

    What you experience physically, mentally and emotionally molds your state of well being. Likewise your health, thoughts and feelings are not immune to spiritual influences. It is a fact that you can be adversely effected by paranormal phenomena even if activity seems fairly innocuous.  

    Why? Because you are cohabiting with something uncontrollable and unpredictable. You are sharing unknown energetic exchanges and engaging in interactive spiritual situations that may eventually cross your personal boundaries. You also have no privacy with spirits and and no way to prevent an escalation of activity that might take a turn for the worst. Normal living is living without paranormal manifestations in your life on a daily basis.  


What We Do

    When you contact us, we will talk with you about our investigation and assessment process. We want you to know what you're dealing with and how to remain calm in the interim between your first call to us and the date of the investigation. You will also have access to us by phone, text and email so you can discuss anything at anytime. We respond quickly and believe in total client confidentiality.

     During the investigation hours, we prefer to have assess to a property without clients present. There are two reasons for this. 

    First we need an uncontaminated environment in which to document and survey the property without any extra noises or distractions that would inhibit the audio & video recordings, proximity sensors, or other sensitive scientific equipment we use to determine if there is evidence of a presence.

    Second, there is a personal liability issue we must address. ECHO staff must be vigilant and focused regarding our safety and that of clients. Entities may be physically resistant to our presence. Attacks upon staff and clients is to be avoided at all costs. In most cases, ECHO staff will be in a home for 3-5 hours.

    However, upon our arrival at your property, we will meet and talk to you as long as needed. Then we will begin our investigation after clients have left. We finish as soon as possible.  This procedure is structured to be a quick and quiet event with minimal discomfort to everyone.

    Our services are free within a certain travel range. We will travel anywhere. Longer distances require that we must break-even on our basic gas and hotel expenses through an assisting donation. We will not make any profit whatsoever. 

    Let us help you.